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Platform operation

To register as a user you must first request it by filling out the form that you can access by clicking the button: Sign in, at the top of this page.

After the request, we will validate the data entered and proceed to register the user.

Once the request to purchase the report has been issued, we contact the requesting person and issue them an invoice. After verifying the payment, we validate the purchase and the report is available for download.

The Positive Balance program rewards the contracting of the audit service by allowing the report of the contracted audit to be uploaded to our report sales platform.

From that moment on, the report is put up for sale and the owner receives a percentage of the money from each sale as a discount for hiring future audits.

Once the purchase has been validated, you can download the report on your user page in the downloads section.
You can modify your password on your user page in the section: Account details.


We perform both in-person and documentary audits, as well as remote audits.
We audit a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers. Our audits are aimed at manufacturers of active ingredients, drugs, excipients and packaging material, as well as analysis laboratories, transport and warehousing service providers and other suppliers of the pharmaceutical industry.
At COMSER we audit under the European Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Distribution Practices (GDP), and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
Audit services and report sales platform

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