Audit services and report sales platform

In COMSER we offer a service of GXP
auditing for suppliers worldwide.

We have at your disposal a catalogue of carried out audits where you can acquire the report of a previously performed audit in order to add or keep the audited company to your suppliers’ portfolio.

Types of audits

Tipos de audits - fabricantes de api + medicamentos

Manufacturers of medicinal products

Tipos de audits - excipientes

Manufacturers of APIs & excipients

Tipos de audits - acondicionamiento

Manufacturers of packaging material

Tipos de audits - laboratorios

Analysis laboratories

Tipos de audits - transporte

Transport, distribution & warehousing

Tipos de audits - otros distribuidores

Other suppliers for the pharmaceutical industry


Professional auditors

Our auditors have extensive knowledge of the sector and the applicable regulation

Integral management of the audits

Once the audit is hired, we carry out all the steps until the delivery of the report.

Incentives for future audits

Our Positive Balance program provides financial incentives for future audits.

Experience in the sector

More than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Global presence

Most of our audits are performed abroad. We have a great travel flexibility.

How do we conduct the audits?

1. Pre-audit

2. Audit

3. Report

4. Acceptance of the action plan

5. Monitoring of the action plan


Platform operation

To register as a user, you need to go to “Sign in” that you will find at the top of this
page and fill out the form. Once the data entered is validated, you shall receive an
email with a username and a password.

Once the request to purchase the report has been issued, we contact the requesting person and issue them an invoice. After verifying the payment, we validate the purchase and the report is available for download.

The Positive Balance program rewards the promoters of the audit service by
including the report in our Audit Report Sales Platform. From that moment on, the
report is put up for sale and the promoters receive a percentage of the money from
each sale as a discount for ordering future audits.

Once the purchase has been validated, you can download the report on your user page in the downloads section.
You can modify your password on your user page in the section: Account details.


We perform on-site audits as well as remote and documentary audits.
We audit a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers. Our audits are aimed at manufacturers of active ingredients, drugs, excipients and packaging material, as well as analysis laboratories, transport and warehousing service providers and other suppliers of the pharmaceutical industry.
At COMSER we audit under the European Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Distribution Practices (GDP), and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
COMSER audits globally, mainly in Europe and Asia.